ashtonqbe #Metoo¬†, 23 hours of silence for¬†#sexualabuse. ūüėĘ I have no friends & no community.¬†#QuinteWest¬†just¬†#shame¬†&¬†#autism I was censored as hate speech on¬†#Facebook¬†on false hate speech grounds for using my Healers not dealers message & feminsm to call out the hypocrasy of a religious oppressor + drug dealer at¬†#Seneca. Your¬†#religious¬†freedom is not a valid¬†#abortion¬†argument, but it [...]

#QuinteWest, My favorite medical drama is House, He used to only pick the interesting cases. The freak puzzles no one else could figure out. Then he would surround himself with the best & brightest. These are my best & brightest colleagues, BlogProcess , Nicole Luberda , Diana Skye Ashley Lee-Anne Carpenter, Steph Barton & Matt Clarke. Some are family, some of them are friends that [...]