Hey my name is Ashton Deroy. I am sharing my Instagram post on my blog today live from Quinte West Ontario Canada. The reason I am creating this post today is to share real authentic graphics culture with you. Without the limitations of censorship. According to my friend Esin. Facebook & blogging should be protected [...]

Basil, can you please tell us about yourself?Well, my name is Basil. I’m from a small town in Ontario, and I am FTM. I love tea and coffee, more than most people. Ever since I was little I wanted to be a story teller, and when people told me I shouldn’t I have decided to [...]

To: Skyler Cross "Hey Skyler, these are some photos you can use at your convenience for IMVU. Thank you for helping me navigate Hanna Park and Mount Pelion safely for my Environmental study writing. " Sincerely Ashton Deroy Click the picture & follow me on Instagram, please.