Black lives matter having their wish granted to ban police participation in Toronto Pride. This is complete sensationalist crap!

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Written by Diana Skye

 Every summer, the Toronto Pride Parade celebrates the LGBT community. During last year’s event, Black Lives Matter protesters staged a sit in during the parade. They were against Toronto Police being included. Recently the head of Pride Toronto gave into their demands and banned police from next year’s parade. I completely disagree with the decision. This will not help the cause of Black Lives Matter. Toronto has a very diverse police force. Excluding them from the event goes against what Pride stands for.

Black Lives Matter wants to raise awareness about police brutality against people of colour. They claim that police presence at Pride is intimidating. Toronto Police are actually showing their support of the LGBT community. In the past, participating officers waved pride flags and had squirt gun fights with the crowd. Police presence can help people feel safer after events like the Orlando night club shooting. If somebody wanted to cause harm at Pride, law enforcement is already there.

Toronto Police is one of the most diverse forces in North America. Different races and sexual orientations are well represented. The force that once oppressed the community not only supports them, but appreciates their service. Their participation in pride shows the city that LGBT people are just as valuable as everyone else.

Pride claims to celebrate equality. Excluding police officers is a big step backwards. Nobody should feel left out because they serve our community. Gay police officers were very disappointed by the decision. Many of them participated in several parades. Also police participation sends a positive message to LGBT youth: they will have support and protection. There are men and women in uniform just like them. This will make them feel more safe and accepted.

Pride Toronto is making a big mistake by banning Toronto Police. It does not help Black Lives Matter to have them removed. There are many LGBT+ officers employed by Toronto Police. It is wrong to exclude them from the Pride Parade. As an LGBT+ supporter, I still fully support our city and provincial police forces.

Ashton Deroy writes “The Queer community it many cities, townships and communities is starting to feel like a radical group. Before in September 2010 when It Gets Better Project was founded LGBT+ people could not get married in the majority of North America. 

When a gay person died back then it was not a big deal to society to have a few of us be killed, assaulted or etc. Since then the sentiment for North American society on queer people has changed drastically. On June 26th 2015 USA deemed it was unconstitutional to ban same sex marriages. 

In Toronto our LGBT+ people don’t support our police force. In Kingston they were against the military. What exactly is our battle now? As a queer person I no longer understand! 

June 12 2016, was the date of the Orlando shootings. Not too long ago at all. If it were up to me I would have as many OPP at Toronto Pride as Possible, both in the parade and working it. Lets not forget if this is an issue of racial crimes, we have a diverse set of police officers! So stop sensationalizing the issues.”


Until Toronto Pride gives police force the respect they deserve I refuse to purchase from them or benefit their sponsors! 

Pending an information release of Toronto Pride sponsors to our website. 


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