What is your IPhone 7 really worth?


Hey this is Ashton Deroy and when it comes to technology and me you are never going to meet someone who is more pro-tech than me. When I ask how much your IPhone 7 with a 5.5 inch screen and 128 GB of space is really worth? What do you think I mean by that? If you answered with anything else but “What is it worth in the value it brings to your life?” You are wrong. 

To determine the worth I am going to use IPhone’s features, possible add on applications and Benefits to prove your IPhone is possibly worth every penny if you use it correctly. 


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Simply yoga.png

This app is called Simply yoga. Just because the app is free on your IPhone does not mean this app doesn’t provide you with a massive value. First off lets look at the benefits of yoga health wise: 

    • Increased flexibility.
    • Weight Reduction
    • Cardio Circulatory health 
    • Improved athletic performance
    • Decrease in back pain. 

The value for professional yoga classes are $99 a month. Versus using this free app and your own body to stretch at home. I have been using this app for 3 years every day which means I have saved a total of, 

99 * 12 = 1188* 3 = $3564  

Which proves from using this tool I have all ready saved money. 1179/3564 = 33% that has been saved by doing software yoga versus professional classes. 

Professional value 

Having a cellphone is now the alternative computer. While it is tough to put an exact value on the cellphone job to job. In sales if you do not have a smart phone you have a dumb phone! For social media selling you need a phone that can manage your Facebook, WordPress, Snap Chat and Instagram channels. 

Depending on what you are able to sell from these channels this can help determine furthering the value of your phone professionally. 

Organizational value

Try taking away a professional’s IPhone before a day of back to back appointments. Chances are they wouldn’t know what they are doing all day. If a professional even made $100 per appointment that is kept. It would only take 12 appointments before a professional broke even on the value of their phone. 

This proves that the IPhone 7 is worth every cent you pay for it. 

To conclude with the potential health value, Professional value and Organizational values of an IPhone. If you actually sit there and say you paid too much for the phone, well you might just be an idiot. Technology is supposed to be our tool, we are not supposed to be a tool of Technology. If you do not get that with this stage in the market, well you might just be set to fall very far behind in your goals for monetary, educational and personal success. 

 Can you think of any additional value the IPhone adds to the user’s life? Leave a comment below or send it in an email and I will be happy to feature appropriate responses with the user’s name on the blog.