3 things I would love to hold the mass media accountable for. Bias, Fear Mongering and Lying!

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  1. Bias– To hold favor of one party over another. Media outlets write in favor for one political party or the other. To not state that they do so before their article release is to not claim your bias which is wrong. This is often an evil of Liberal mass media.
  2. Fear mongering– To deliberately arouse fear or distrust in the public. We see this all the time in Conservative media pieces. This is their evil!
  3. Lying – Deliberately misleading the public to fit their own agenda.

Examples of each

13 examples of Donald Trump being Racist by Huffington Post Lydia O’ConnorDaniel Marans – It is less compelling but what if we changed the title to 13 examples of Donald Trump using freedom of speech. Lets not forget the core values of conservatism are free speech, financial sustainability and preserving tradition. 

Trudeau will buried us in debt! by Toronto Sun – Buried us, kill us and put us underground “no doubt”. The title is purely designed to create fear in people to make them read this Conservative article. What does article have really when you look at it? The article states a large debt that the Liberals should take responsibility for. Wait I take accounting class in college and what this article fails to mention is weather our country has a net loss or net gain factoring our revenues from global trade.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_wealth – This is where we rank in national wealth people #8. Don’t panic businesses take on debt all the time. Coco-Cola has debt!

Republicans Gloat after Kicking Martin Luther king out of the white house by New Century Times – Donald Trump just myth busted their asses today!


For you racist, Prejudice Liberals. Yep you exist… Trump has a big support from African Americans. So throw away your CNN stats. I don’t care!

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