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Written by ItsDianaSkye

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Current makeup trends

There are constantly new trends in makeup. Some are really cool, while others are ridiculous. Today I will tell you which current trends I like and dislike.

Trends that I like

Liquid lipsticks

I am all for long lasting and opaque lip colour. It is nice to not have to worry about if your lipstick is still in place. The one drawback is that some formulas can be drying. This can be minimized by exfoliating and moisturizing your lips before application. My favourite is the Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick.

Indie brands

A lot of beauty bloggers have been showcasing more indie brands. These are brands that are not owned by a parent company. They are mostly online, but you can find a few in stores. I like indie brands because they usually have a lot of variety and most are cruelty free. My current favourites include Pacifica and Beauty Bakerie.

Warm-toned eye shadows

Many makeup companies have released palettes with a focus on warmer tones. I enjoy wearing copper, peach, and red shades on my eyes. If you don’t feel the need for an entire palette, you can always get one or two single shadows. Urban Decay and Nyx have a fantastic selection of warm tones.

The colour of 2017

I was very disappointed by the two pastel tones of 2016. This year Pantone pleasantly surprised me with greenery, a pretty shade of light green. I am very happy with this choice since green is my favorite colour. Green eye-shadow looks great on a variety skin tone and eye colours.

Trends that I dislike

Sharpie eyebrows

I blame Instagram for this one. Many beauty bloggers are posting photos of themselves with overdone brows. It looks like they have two caterpillars on their forehead. Your brows should look natural and be close to your hair colour. If you have light hair, skip the black eyebrow products!

Colour correcting your entire face

About a year ago, makeup companies released lines of colour correctors. Each colour targets a certain area of concern, like redness and dark circles. Some people felt the need to buy all six or seven shades. Nobody needs all of them. It just makes your face look strange. Chances are you don’t have more than two areas of concern. I have one peach corrector for under my eyes and that’s good enough.

Massive face makeup palettes

These are fantastic for makeup artists, who have to work on a variety of clients. However, they are a waste of space for an average consumer. Not all highlighters, bronzers, or even blushes will look good on one skin tone. If I use a gold highlighter, it will look like I put turmeric on my face. Skip the big palettes and get one shade that works for you.

Strange foundation application methods

I miss the days when it was just brushes and beauty blenders. A new company released a weird silicone applicator, supposedly to save on product. Some bloggers came up with a “life hack”: put your makeup sponge in a condom and it will have a similar effect. What is next, incorporating sex toys in your makeup routine? If you want to avoid wasting product, just use your fingers. They are free!


I think some makeup trends are fabulous, while others are crap. You should create looks you enjoy. Don’t just follow trends and beauty bloggers. Makeup is a way to express yourself, not just look like everyone else.


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