PTSD developed at Belwood Lodge & Camp.

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Written by Ashton Deroy 

Belwood Lodge & Camp is a summer camp for autistic people This could be a really great idea if the needs of their lodgers weren’t so high and their staff wasn’t under qualified. 

Where is Belwood Lodge & Camp? 

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Are you thinking about a hard working summer job at Belwood Lodge & Camp? Maybe double think that decision. Initially you have to wonder, why is this camp hiring unqualified people who simply have CPR & AED training for camp positions working with special needs people? Furthermore why are they considering hiring 16 year olds to begin with given the needs of their camp. As I get in to this article, the story only gets worse. 

Simply put after I left Belwood Lodge & Camp after a full summer working there. I had PTSD! What contributed to this? Well I can’t place all the liability on the camp, some blame does goes to them. For example not allowing their workers to get the appropriate amount of sleep before accommodating special needs people all day in the burning sun. That I blame them for. However I do blame my ex partner Christopher Rudan as well who was majoring in psychology of gender studies, sexuality and addiction who was also creating a hostile environment for me in my relationship whilst I was at the camp.  

The camp only gets worse from there. You usually worked 2 weeks straight at a time before you got a weekend off. The two weeks feels like torture considering the demands for the job. To their credit the camp prevents people from drinking and smoking pot on their campsite. Unfortunately, there are not enough safety precautions put in to protect the workers. Which in many cases are 16-18 year old kids with no substantial care qualifications. 

The dangerous disabilities of the campers range from needing assistance to bare their own weight, schizophrenia, Fragile X and more aggressive disorders as well. This is not a job suitable for kids transitioning from High School to college accademia. Rather than providing needed industry experience it provides trauma that people need professional mental help to recover from. 

Why just hear my opinion, look at the job reviews on as well. Click the picture below . Administrators wrote most of the positive reviews so that is sketchy… 

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In March 2017 if Belwood Lodge & Camp tries to get you to take a job just say no. Save yourself from making under minimum wage for a job with demands that are far too high. Personal call outs towards administration include James Lortie for being a straight up dick to exhausted workers, Alix Oats for siding with her friends exclusively on work issues and Hailey Thatcher who is not qualified to carry, distribute and administer medicine. 

They wrote me up, I wrote them up. It gets really personal with James Lortie and Hailey Thatcher. Consider this my write up for you two idiot dick heads who NEARLY KILLED ME! 


Seriously if this camp is investigated I did society a favour.