11:00pm Toronto-Businessphere audio/text show. No Excuse for Islamophobia


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No Excuse for Islamophobia. 

CBC has a great article explaining Islamophobia, click their picture above to link to it. 

What is Islamophobia? “Lets call a spade, a spade here” To use a tired cliche. Islamophobia is nothing more than a bunch of f***** white people afraid they are going to lose their Christmas time. 

Seriously when Diana Skye threw this topic my way I knew exactly what I was going to say. So I found this picture below, if you click it you get linked to the source. 


This type of humor I see on these supposed to be Canadians Facebook pages. Yeah we are such a tolerant Red & White. “Oh my god”. I don’t even have the patience to call out these F***** inbred morons anymore. What good does it do me?


The sad part is the worst of it I usually hear in my home town Quinte West, so not even in Toronto per say where I live. I go back home and I hear this racist garbage! 

Everyone in Quinte West was so god, damn nervous about us getting Syrian refugees. Me I am nervous about the system there F****** collapsing on the foundations of its own F***** stupidity. 

Someone has got to come to our hole of a city and bail it out. Why not the much more educated, intelligent and hard working Muslim people? To generalize Quinte West tends to be a f***** caucasian inbred bag of morons! Liberal morons who say “Kay I am Liberal, but I don’t like how muslims oppress women.” Conservative morons who say “There country is a mess, we don’t want them to bring it over here!”

Non-voting morons <.< personal favourite . They say “We need to take care of our troops before refugees.”  

We need to take care of our damn country before anyone else in my opinion. So no matter your skin color. Are you willing to come here and work? 

Welcome to Canada then, my muslim brother. Work, spend some money, pay some taxes and save our failing service economy. 

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Industries stimulated by Muslim friends

To generalize but not to actualize Muslim immigrants tend to stimulate industries in education, tech, sales, telemarketing, manufacturing and medicine. 

Personal statement 

I am tired of in Canada what is supposed to be a first world nation. Muslim people feeling they can’t even be public about it for fear of their’s and their family’s safety.

I worked with a very talented young lady a few years back Dina, who will remain a friend to our organization. She decided not to work in Marketing for fear that a muslim woman could not succeed in a public role for an advertising firm. 

That sucks, she was one of the most talented workers I ever collaborated with. She can’t do it now because she fears for her and her child after a muslim gathering had a rock thrown through a window in Kingston Ontario. 

So what kind of country are we really if we don’t accept their culture? Leave a comment below.