How to give your business a competitive advantage?

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Audio summary :

Diana Skye, recommended I write an article on this for our blog how do you give your business a competitive advantage? 

It actually is not that difficult although you have people slaughtering the formula consistently. 

First of all promote what you are selling, minimum once a day. Maximum until they accuse you of spamming! 

Promoted messaging 

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If you are paying sales & promotional workers on commission you are an idiot because they aren’t putting in time. They are looking for other work… The second part of this is buying people’s time. Everyone’s time is for sale. Right now in Ontario it is opportune because you can buy someone’s time for $12 an hour. Just buy the time.

Lastly to get a competitive advantage, advertise. Not because it will generate hundreds of sales in one day. It will generate contacts, inbound leads and awareness. Some of that you can’t define with a variable price. So advertise.  Don’t just use automated advertising services like Twitter, Facebook, and etc. Get some deals going with content creators. Get them to promote your stuff, because some people who are in business, they can’t create web content. However plenty of people can, so just use them. 

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