Sassy City Girl: Why I prefer Cafes to bars



Written by Diana Skye: Toronto has many bars, especially downtown. However, I seldom go to them. Even as a college student, I spent my evenings reading at home instead of downing shots at a bar. I much prefer going to cafes. The atmosphere is much calmer. Many cafes offer a variety of food and drinks at reasonable prices.

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At bars, people have a tendency to consume a lot of alcohol. It can become very loud, especially when there is a sports event on TV. Not to mention that I don’t enjoy drunk creepy guys hitting on me. Cafes are more relaxed, even when they are crowded. People tend to chat amongst themselves while sipping caffeinated drinks.  

Bars are known for alcoholic drinks and fried foods. Those are not things I want to consume every week end. In fact, I have only had about three hangovers in my entire life.Cocktails can also be quite expensive, at almost ten dollars each. Cafes usually have a great selection of both hot and cold drinks.Even if you are not much of a coffee drinker, you can find other options like herbal tea. Cafes also have great food choices like sandwiches and pastries. Whether you are trying to eat healthy or treating yourself, you will find something you can enjoy.  Bars can be noisy, full of drunk patrons, and alcoholic drinks are usually expensive.

I really enjoy cafes because they have a relaxed atmosphere with a lot of food and drink options. My ideal afternoon includes stopping in a local cafe to enjoy a tasty beverage.  Here are some of my favourite cafes in different parts of Toronto:

Downtown: Snakes and Lattes (600 Bloor Street W, west of Bathurst) As the name suggests, this cafe has a variety of board games. There are also card games. In addition to the usual cafe fare, they have sandwiches and salads. Would highly recommend Snakes and Lattes if you want to make plans with friends downtown.

 Uptown: Dufflet (2638 Yonge Street, north of Eglinton) If you like pastries, you will love this cafe. They are well known for their cakes and cookies. I love their cupcakes, especially the double vanilla and pink velvet. There are also the usual hot and cold drinks along with light lunch options.

 East end: D Spot (51 Lebovic Avenue, near Warden and Eglinton) Along with espresso drinks, this Scarborough cafe has many organic loose leaf teas. If you fancy something cold, they have milkshakes and smoothies. They also excel at food options, with a variety of crepes and waffles.  

West end: Coco Bakery (225 The East Mall, north of Dundas) This Etobicoke cafe specializes in European speciality foods, including delicious desserts. I personally recommend the macarons and cakes. They also have excellent espresso drinks and tea.