Personal Shopping: Orange Theory Fitness Toronto Information

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Based out of Fort Lauderdale Florida, Orange theory fitness is the next big thing to happen to the Canadian fitness world. Is Toronto ready to burn that extra weight? Make their beach bodies? Or just get in to fighting shape? Tomorrow I call Orange Theory Fitness for consumer questions we might all have around the following?



Vote Viktoriia Kovalchuk for SSF vice president. 

Ashton Deroy asks the hard hitting questions to Orange Theory Fitness on March 5 2017. On March 5th Ashton Deroy called the location on Younge & Eglinton where he was unable to connect with Lindsay at reception.  On March 6th 2017 Ashton Deroy personal shopped a rate with Orange Theory Fitness. 

What is the Month to month Price? Twice a week $19 current sales offer. The reason they recommend twice a week is to get the best results while adjusting your body to the physical demands of this intense 1 hour workout. 

What do you mean by “burning calories for up to 36 hours.” ? For recovery after the workout you burn calories for up to a 36 hour recovery period. 

What makes this one hour workout different? The intensity, group environment, cardio and weight exercises. 

Strengths: Press attention, Friendly staff

Weaknesses: Inbound sales via telephone, they really should have a digital inbound system.

Opportunities: they can take the fitness market share by using radio and social media marketing. 

Threats: They miss their inbound sales calls, Do not return calls effectively.


8 hours to return a sales lead call!