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Don’t forget aggressive sales strategy in developing a successful Mobile App company.

Hi I am Ashton Deroy from , Lets remember that app development is a free-market trade. So yes you can do this through your company but so can some kid in his basement on a Windows 7 computer he got as a hand me down and some crappy early version IPhone.

What you ultimately need to set you apart is a solid marketing strategy, up to date blog content.

Which I saw here in the Toronto tag on WordPress so good for you appdevelopmenttorontoblog. Lastly you have to put a face to the company.

You can’t just have desktop shots and screenshots of your app, because no one cares! You need a persona to run the show. Preferably an attractive male or female that consumers can really get behind.

People connect to your customer emotionally, persuade them into decision making and provide validity to your product. There is a noticeable difference between companies that hire brand ambassadors for marketing than companies that just take screenshots for a website.

I am Ashton Deroy from the Toronto-Businessphere. This was my daily Marketing comment.

Beaut.caThreats & Weaknesses to the web app development team. When  Ashton Deroy worked for Beaut this was a disorganized nightmare project by some hair dresser who worked with too much bleach if you ask me. Kim Ng is a whacko, with a government grant! No sales plan, all infrastructure past 6 months of project runtime. She clearly just wants to use the government grant than abandon the project…  

Weaknesses: No idea who runs the website initially, no idea what extra the beaut team brings to you. The website is constantly down due to a poor choice for independent web hosting. The project is just awful!  

Threats: Obscurity due to a lack of marketing.


Strengths & Opportunities to Toronto’s emerging Business forum. The Businessphere is a solid team building their profile online through tagging, direct communications and sales cold calls.

Strengths: Team personas presented, SEO presence due to sophisticated web software. (Much more sophisticated than Beaut’s)

Opportunities: Expanding the Toronto Businessphere team & capitalizing on the demand for creative Business Marketing using web content.