Did Ashton Deroy Brain Wash Diana Skye?

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Eeek Did I brainwash Diana Skye? She was friends with HelloGlamorous first. Before you the reader decides to consider these points on our friendship.

Unfiltered communication– We are both autistic, we have called each other morons. We praise each other too. We just don’t bother hiding our true thoughts. Not to mention we communicated constantly. Joanna communicated very little with her. 

Academic similarities – We both focussed our study on Business

Literature similarities – Diana and I are both writers for a blog we set up together. http://www.Toronto-Businessphere.com

To conclude you actually can’t brainwash Diana Skye. She is a highly educated writer, an animal lover and Social Liberal. I think what gets lost is, she is her own person! Furthermore we both have limited filters. We fight all the time… If I brainwashed her she would follow me blindly into manic hell! 

Our friendship in recorded content

I designed & Printed her T-Shirt in this video.