Vlog + Blog Integrated website launch


Swan Whispers ASMR 2.png

Hey, followers from 2017, 

Welcome to my new page launch Swan Whispers. I am Diana Skye and this is our 3rd format launch overall. Happy 3 years of content! 🙂 

What is ASMR? If you are new to this, ASMR is gentle whispering while making regular YouTube content. People make it when they sing, discuss topics and I do it when talking about women’s lifestyle products.

What made me so passionate about this? I was looking for a cool way to display new content. My ItsDianaSkye channel is a project near and dear to my heart. I felt that the experiential vlog I felt my positioning and post style was becoming static. That is no way to produce media content you as a creator are enthused about. 


Opening opportunities to guest posts

Written by Ashton Deroy

Hey Guys, 

I am the media seller for this page and the producer. We still have a lot of work to do $40 annual budget left in creative that we would really like to boost. How do we boost our creative budget for Diana’s project? We need people to get in on our advertise with us/Sponsorship deal. Go to the link and specify you want a guest post on Diana’s blog and your money will go directly to upping her creative budget at this time. 

Given the cluttered Market for advertising tech. There is a lot we can do on a small amount of money. $20, for example, could get her a professionally done Print Shop logo. Also if you want to volunteer for the project. Please reach out to Diana Skye on her Facebook page. If we like designers and they are on Fiverr or actively check their email. We will eventually use you for our paid work. Unfortunately as for now without more capital as a freelance creative project agency, we have to be very blunt about our small resources budget. 

Please Boost our Budget, use the: advertise with us/Sponsorship deal

Or volunteer creative tools to Ashtonderoy@gmail.com, we need blog art a logo and content ideas.