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Natural Creativity
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Written by Ashton Deroy 

When I met Diana Skye she was running a neat little YouTube account and barely making anything off of their advertising rates. To be completely honest she was never getting what she deserved from the YouTube platform despite putting her best foot forward. With a lack of understanding of the actual advertising industry at that time. She was static. 

We knew we could improve things so I pitched her the first website she had in 2016. It was a mess.

I supported her Diana Skye channel for that year. 

Welcome to the Fiverr era

We are now in an era where we can see what our competitors charge for freelance services in our niche and compete. We also connect with users for collaboration and partnerships.

Published over the Businessphere blog. Why Diana got this space? 


This is our line by line media stats. Diana had the highest rated article in 2017 out of a five person team. 

She also generated most of the subscribers to this blog space here. 

Personal message: I am proud of Diana Skye for accomplishing the most in a content writer role out of any of the people who posted.

Now lets spiral that success in to a profitable business execution in 2018!