Cruelty Free International Myths and Facts


Written by Diana Skye

Going cruelty free with your beauty products can be overwhelming. One of the biggest problems is all of the misinformation about animal testing. This includes the cost, product safety, and impact. Once you know the facts, the cruelty free journey is much easier.  

        One of the biggest myths is that going cruelty-free will be expensive. Some people think you have to replace everything at once. That is not necessary since you already purchased the items tested on animals. Take a look at your collection and determine which products are not cruelty free. As you use them up, replace them with cruelty free alternatives. You can use websites such as Logical Harmony to determine what brands to purchase and which ones to avoid.

       Not all cruelty free brands are expensive. While the drugstore may not have as many options as Sephora, there are still several to choose from. Both Wet N Wild and Elf are cruelty free and very affordable. Nyx has many great products, some of which are comparable to high end makeup. For great skincare at the drugstore, Pixi has many options for every skin type.

       Some people believe animal testing is required to prove product safety. This is simply untrue. Science has come a long way and there are many alternatives. Not only do they not hurt animals, they are also far more reliable. Animal testing has an accuracy rate of about 60% while newer methods can have over 80% accuracy. There is no need to use outdated technology to determine safety when there are better and more humane ways. People also bring up that everything was tested at some point It is true that all ingredients including water were tested on animals in the past. However, it is 2018 and there is no need to continue an outdated practice.  

      A common excuse is that purchasing cruelty-free won’t make a big impact. However, consumer choices definitely matter. More and more people are choosing cruelty free products. Parent companies will take notice that their cruelty free brands are selling more. There are also people who worry they aren’t doing enough since they aren’t vegetarian or vegan although they purchase cruelty free. We should all do what we can to help the animals. Nobody can live in modern society without causing any harm to nature.

     Another argument is that it’s impossible to be completely cruelty free since medicines and over-the-counter products are tested on animals. There is a difference between a want and a need. Medicine is often a necessity or will at least make your life much easier. Nobody absolutely needs makeup that is not cruelty free. It is absolutely unnecessary when there are so many options that do not harm animals.

      Switching to cruelty-free products can be a challenge since there are so many myths about it. The truth is that it is not expensive. Animal testing is no longer required to prove that products are safe for consumers. Choosing to purchase cruelty free can definitely make a difference. There is power in voting for your dollar. We should all do what we can to prevent unnecessary harm to animals.