Artwork Credit


Ashton Deroy Writes: Thank you (N.L) for doing are artwork for the website. I feel like you really brought us alive here. In mid-April 2018 N.L. and Ashton Deroy were at Starbucks and Nicole didn’t have her wallet. Ashton offered to get her drink for her. Instead of making it a free drink though, we deducted it from the cost I would pay for artwork and we made a deal. 

N.L. also handled a bit of spec work for Ashton Deroy’s Cloud Services and digital marketing in pitching an LGBT counseling account. The commission on this project was vital to surviving the Winter/Spring semester at Seneca College in 2018. Where will you see Ashton and N.L. together next? Next time you see them hanging out it will probably be September 2018 where they will either be taking yoga classes or Kickboxing together. Not both, never again both! One of us had a wicked fall in April because we did balancing exercises in yoga tiring our legs, then we attempted spin kicks. 

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