Women in the creative gig business

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Ashton Deroy writes: “Diana is in Ottawa today but she wrote this article a while ago and I have been meaning to post it. I have been so busy with the new client that I just love so much though that I have not had the time to post this.” Below is the article was written by Diana Skye

I have been creating content for almost eight years now. My personal brand has evolved a lot over the years. Recently I expanded my Swan Whispers ASMR brand with a website and new logo. I also have t-shirts in the works. Being a female content creator has come with many challenges and rewards

I posted my first YouTube video in 2010. For a few months, I barely got any interaction. It took me almost a year to get 100 subscribers on my first channel. In contrast, my Swan Whispers ASMR channel only took a few months. This was partly due to connections I had in the community. However, I believe the biggest factor was that I had finally found my passion on YouTube. Unless your life is unique or exciting, vlogging can get boring fast. There are many possibilities for ASMR videos, from doing your makeup to roleplays.

My Internet journey has not always been easy. Any content creator will get trolls, but they seem to be particularly nasty to females. Not only do they attack your appearance, but also your personality. In 2012 I got a few vicious comments, including one that I should be locked up in a mental hospital. It had me second guessing if I wanted to keep going. I decided to stick with it since the positive comments far outnumbered the negative. However, I know many people who had it far worse and decided it was not worth it to continue.

Another problem is that content creation requires a lot of work. While you can set your own hours, it takes a lot of work to become successful online. Anyone who starts creating content expecting to get views and revenue quickly will almost certainly be disappointed. In a way, I am glad I did not go into this experience with high expectations. I was pleasantly surprised that there were people out there willing to watch the adventures of a quirky Canadian girl.

Something that increases the chance of success is not solely relying on one platform. I am very grateful for what YouTube has given me, but they have many issues. It’s harder to get established as a smaller creator. I recently launched a website for Swan Whispers ASMR.  I am selling ad space and services there. This is also a home for my articles. I also have a new logo and artwork. I feel that it represents my brand very well and am looking forward to seeing it on a t-shirt.


Swan Whispers asmr shirt.jpg
I loved the design for Swan Whispers ASMR so much I put it on a shirt. Thank you Nicole Luberdawho put in the paint strokes to create my literal favorite shirt in my closet! Thank you Diana Skye for inspiring your community to the point where they build great things around you.

(Tee Springs won’t support the resolution of this shirt because it was photographed from actual hand painted art. So to order the shirt you have to personal order from Ashtonderoy@gmail.com

Creating content can be fun but also challenging. I have dealt with negative comments and all the work that goes into making YouTube videos. My brand has changed over the years. About a year ago I found my place in the ASMR community. I have launched a website for my Swan Whispers ASMR brand. I am proud of how far I have come and am excited to find out what’s next on my content creation journey.