Creative execution as a rebellious act.


Sw Agency_ Digital & Print Publishing curriculum– This is a PDF explaining the beginning of the SW Agency Marketing plan. This includes secondary research, supply chain and Customer Relationship Management strategies. 

Not sure when it became an act of protest to execute tasks & achieve goals creatively. To each their own ideal of oppression & fascism. Checkout Diana Skye’s interview with Ashton Deroy . Over the weekend we checked out the site of our new promotional printing supplier. We think with them we will be able to grow exponentially in the GTA market. 

Tea with Tracy

Tea with

We are also uploading a podcast called Tea with my sister. Based on the idea of a story we started in 2017. Click the picture below to link to our podcast. We discuss politics, integrating millennials in to the workplace, legalizing safe marijuana & GDP. We have also had a heart felt conversation on using medicinal marijuana for Ashton’s PTSD. 


Tea with my sister
Shout out to Apex Public relations who took our photo. Great Marketing tech guys!