Libertarian Brothers Interview, Diana asks about changing ideaologies.

Canadian Ashton Deroy

When it comes to politics people go with their inner tide and can’t stray away from their own interpretation from the wave. In this post, Ashton Deroy will discuss pairing with his brother Matt Clarke in forming the Libertarian Brothers network project & changing his ideology. On June 16, 2018, at 1400 Diana Skye called Ashton Deroy to gather his political opinion. The call was initiated via Facebook messenger.

You have been a Liberal supporter for many years. What made you decide to support the Libertarian party instead?

I have had a passion for Liberal values prior. However, do you remember the releases that Kathleen Wynne was making over $200,000 per annum? These are the type of things that made me realize this is a privileged sect of the left-wing social movement. This goes to prove she had huge short-term payoffs that went against the interest of long-term sustainability. However, I will always love my time volunteering with the Liberal movement for the inclusion of millennial voters.

What do you hope to achieve with the Liberty Brothers project?

I hope to achieve downsizing and critical thinking about waste in both left & right-wing parties. Why aren’t we increasing the hospital funding in Trenton Ontario? Yet we just funded a skate park & a mini golf course in Quinte West.  We should not be subsidizing small or public businesses. People think because we have Doug Ford as Premier we are fine and the waste stops. However quite frankly he is more likely to take money from crucial lower class social programs & put them into elitist projects that contribute to our wealth gap. Where are the core Conservative values? Gun de-regulation, accountability & protection?

The previous provincial Liberal government was very slow with making a plan for marijuana legalization. They also spent over 600 thousand on a simple logo. As a Libertarian, how do you think the province should handle legalization?

I think we should call it a day on the government monopoly. We tried to give the Trudeau administration a chance to make a safe solution. They still ended up assaulting the businesses of the counterculture movement, the self-medicating community & our young people. We have to blame this government the same way we blamed the Harper government, you raided and assaulted our community! That cannot be tolerated especially 3 years into a majority government. We are still convicting minorities at a higher rate of possession than resident Canadians.

Doug Ford claims that he will find “efficiency” to save the province from financial ruin but does not get more specific. What are some ways you think Ontario can save money without cutting essential services?

Cut back on tourism spending for the starters, I think those projects hit & missed. We need to focus on non-elastic demand development projects & take government fund out of recreation. (except marijuana which is proven to boost tourism) . I think we need to lay off government admin whose jobs are redundant and or we do not understand because they make 10 times the lower classes’ income. Why do we think welfare is our biggest drain? Running our government with overpaid egos walking around in flesh is our biggest drain. If Doug Ford does his job he will start laying off overpaid government employees. Some government employees post 1 to 20 times the lower middle-class income. I do not lay down & accept that in our economy only the bankers, lawyers & government employees get ahead!

Thank you for your time, Ashton. I was also frustrated by the previous government’s financial waste. I understand why you support the Libertarian party since they want to put an end to that. We have future plans for this project, including merchandise. I am looking forward to raising awareness of how Libertarian values can make Ontario a better place.

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