Try this, not that: cruelty-free edition

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Today there are more cruelty-free options than ever. While it is great to have many choices, there are some crappy products among those. I will share some products I don’t like and a better alternative. Keep in mind that these are my personal opinions and different products can have different results depending on skin type, makeup preferences, or even the climate where you live I hope you find some great choices.

Face Moisturizer

Try this: Youth To The People Superfood Moisture Cream

Not that: Kopari Face Cream

A couple of months ago I needed a new night time moisturizer. Since I have dry skin, I thought Kopari’s Face Cream may be a good option. Turns out that coconut oil has a tendency to clog pores. The last time I had that many pimples were when I was going through puberty. It took a while for them to disappear after I stopped using the cream.

So it was back to Sephora in search of a new moisturizer. I found a set from Youth To The People which contained travel sizes of a cleanser and their SuperFood Moisture Cream. It was only $25 so I gave it a shot. That turned out to be a great decision. The texture of the cream is wonderful and not too heavy. I had no negative reactions. I went back to Sephora and bought the full size.

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Chemical Exfoliant

Try this: Pixi Glow Tonic

Not that: Sunday Riley Good Genes

This may come as a surprise if you have watched a lot of skin care videos on YouTube. A lot of people love the Good Genes lactic acid treatment and say it’s worth the luxury price tag. ($147 in Canada) I never bought the full size but received sample packets with a Sephora purchase. The texture reminds me of lotion, which is not my preference. I like liquid or serum chemical exfoliants. Also, it has a bizarre chemical scent.

The Pixi Glow Tonic is also a fan favorite with good reason. I tried it out a few months ago and prefer it to more expensive options. It is a 5% glycolic acid, which is stronger than lactic. However, it has soothing ingredients like aloe vera so I don’t find that it’s too harsh. The full size is $38 Canadian, but you can get a travel size for $20 if you want to make sure it’s right for you.


Try this: Blinc or Urban Decay Perversion

Not that: Too Faced Better than Sex

The name of the infamous Too Faced mascara is misleading in my opinion. If I was not careful, my lashes would be clumpy. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it flaked throughout the day. Looking like a raccoon is not attractive to most people. I know there is a waterproof version, but have heard many negative things about it.

My favorite mascara by far is Blinc. It stays on until you wash it off at the end of the day It is one of those tubing mascaras, so it won’t load your lashes with a product. I like that since my lashes are naturally pretty long and black. However, I know some people like intense volume. I would suggest Urban Decay Perversion if you want a similar look to Better Than Sex without the mess.

Liquid Lipstick

Try this: Aromi liquid lipstick

Not that: Nyx Liquid Suede

I was excited when Nyx came out with a liquid lipstick in many fun colors. However, my positive feelings were short-lived. It does not stay in place very well and there is a lot of transfer. I could forgive that if the formula was comfortable but it just feels goopy. Nyx has some great lip products, but unfortunately, this was a big miss.

I found out about Aromi when Stephanie Nicole gave them a positive review. They have an amazing color selection, including unusual ones like blue and green. I’m not that brave but have tried a nude and pink, as well as a metallic. The formula is very consistent across all shades. It feels comfortable and not drying. Despite that, it stays in place well, although you may have to touch up after meals.

Lip Scrub

Try this: Lush

Not that: Bite Beauty

I have loved nearly every Bite Beauty product I have tried, including the Agave lip mask. I got the scrub expecting the best. The texture was very odd, like sugar in the thick syrup. This made it more difficult to work with. Also, it left a really gross aftertaste. Bite makes my favorite cream lipsticks, but also my least favorite lip scrub.

After that disaster, I went back to my tried and true Lush lip scrubs. They are a little more than half the price and you get much more product. Not only does it taste great, there are four flavors to choose from. My personal favorite is bubblegum, but you can also get honey or mint among others. Lush was one of the first to make lip scrubs and they still make the best.


There are both good and bad cruelty-free products. I have found that out the hard way over the years, with everything from skin care to mascara to lip products. Now I have found products in every category that work for me. If you shop smart you will find great cruelty free products at every price range.  

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