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“When you know each other as long as we have you are family. “

Ashton Deroy is a web designer with the soul of an Artist and a proud autism advocate. Diana Skye is an ASMR artist with an act for calming the crazy in Ashton Deroy. Together they make up a personable and talented marketing team. We offer graphics design, creative writing & Web design services on low tier & high tier web services. 

“The Key to our success is treating the people we work with like a community. not like employees or customers.”

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Advertising coordinator, Ashton Deroy 

Specializations: Data-base management, WordPress CMS & data driven Sales/Marketing strategies.

Resume: Ashton Deroy Marketing & Finance resume

SMS & WhatsApp only: 647-850-6802


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Content creator & lead writer, Diana Skye

Specializations: Social media growth marketing, content writing & Market research