Udemy.com Review & Summary of Nik Swami’s 10 Instagram Marketing stratgies that make me 6 figures.

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Below is Written by Ashton Deroy

Intro: This is a summary of Nik Swami‘s 10 Instagram Marketing strategies that make me 6 figures Published on Udemy.com

Below is Written by Diana Skye

Instagram has quickly become one of the most successful social media platform. Even when parent company Facebook struggled during its recent scandals, Instagram continued to grow in popularity. This has made it an ideal space for advertising your business. Several marketing strategies will help you make the most out of your Instagram posts.  

         Optimizing your profile is important and simple yet it is often overlooked. Your account name should be relevant to your business. The bio should include who you are, what you do, why people should follow you, and a call to action. Put a relevant link, like your website, blog, or merch store. Make sure it is in the link space and not your bio, since you can’t click on links in the bio and it wastes space.

         Your posts should be consistent and look attractive. It is far more effective if all posts are based on a specific topic so viewers know your niche. Make sure that your profile is set to public so it will be much easier to find.  You can set a filter for comments that prevents negative or curse words from being published. Set your profile to a business profile rather than personal to enable Instagram advertising and add contact information. This will also give you access to audience analytics. For story settings, allow replies and shares for more interaction.

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Below is Written by Diana Skye    

       Shout outs and shout-for-shouts are an excellent way to get followers and revenue. They  involve a popular account mentioning yours. You pay for shoutouts, while a shout-for-shout is free promotion by a similar account in exchange for promoting them. Shoutouts require less effort, but shout-for-shouts save you money.  In either situation, direct message the account to communicate. Ask for rates or if they are interested in promoting you.

        Find accounts using keywords and hashtags related to your business. Before asking, ensure that their followers are real. It’s a red flag if many of their followers don’t have profile photos or are following a very large number of accounts. Their posts should have likes and comments from at least 2-3% of their audience. You want meaningful engagement if they mention you.

        Another option is looking for large accounts that are actively looking for content to feature. These focus solely on promoting content related to a specific theme. You don’t have to pay and are more likely to get a response than from a famous account. In addition to direct messaging, tag them in your content. Engage with their posts so your name will show up in their notifications. Use their hashtag if they have one. Make sure your photos are good quality so they will stand out. Be patient and persistent, since they probably get a lot of messages.

         Hashtags are very helpful as long as you use them correctly. Do not use them in the caption since it can make it look long and messy. Instead post them in a separate comment. You can use up to thirty on a single post. Using more hashtags increases the chances of your post being seen. The keywords should be ones that people are searching for. However, avoid hashtags that are overused since this will make it difficult to find your post under that keyword. Specific keywords are preferable to broad ones so you can reach your relevant audience.

          The activity feed shares your engagement with your followers. Spend time liking and commenting on people’s photos, preferably on accounts similar to yours. Engaging with followers on competitor accounts is also effective. Ask for comments and likes on your posts so it shows up in more activity feeds.

          Competitions can get your account more exposure. However, don’t use the common technique of asking commenters to tag a few friends. It is more effective to ask followers to repost your photo so all of their followers will learn about you. Another option is to team up with accounts in a similar niche. You can share the cost of the prize that way. Ask followers to engage with all of the accounts involved with the competition.

         Having a lot of engagement will increase your chances of appearing on Instagram’s Explore page. This showcases content people might like from accounts they are not currently following. Post at times when your followers are more likely to be checking Instagram, such as while they get ready in the morning. Tag accounts with large followings. Even one like or comment from them can dramatically increase your followers and engagement. Tagging your city will expose your posts to other people in your area.

        If you are starting a brand new account, it is hard to get followers. You can buy an existing account that is not monetizing their content. Ask them if it’s for sale and negotiate a price. Websites like FameSwap can give you an idea of reasonable rates. Make sure the account has genuine followers and engagement. Create an introductory post once you acquire the account. This will encourage interested followers to engage with you. Buying followers is a waste of money. It will not create engagement and Instagram will decrease your reach.

Creating advertisements for your page is quite simple. Choose your marketing objective. There are several listed under three categories. Awareness relates to making people aware of your brand, consideration is about increasing your engagement, and conversion involves followers taking action on your website. When you open an Instagram Ad account, you will get a pixel that can track your sales conversions from advertisements. Specify the demographic you wish to target and narrow your audience. Start with a small budget as you figure out what ads are most efficient. Give it a few days since it takes time for ads to become sales.

       The networking effect involves cross promoting accounts and platforms to create an ecosystem. If you have multiple accounts, make sure to promote all of them on each account. Promote your Instagram on your other social networks to maximize your exposure. Ensure that each account has a unique offering or purpose as repetition results in losing followers across the board.

       Instagram is an excellent place for marketing if utilized correctly. Optimize your account to its fullest potential so you will have higher engagement. Make meaningful connections with larger accounts and use advertisements to make people aware of your business. Being successful on Instagram takes a few simple steps.        

Udemy is the video learning platform used to absorb this lesson. Nik Swami shares commonly used Marketing strategies used for network growth & conversion.

Nik Swami 10 Instagram Marketing Strategies that Make me 6 figures published on Udemy

Below is Written by Ashton Deroy


For Small businesses Udemy is highly informative for online learning & workplace training. My colleague is incredibly talented in video editing & YouTube publishing. However this summary proves a much deeper understanding of Instagram advertising & web marketing concepts. Now we just have to work on collaboration in the execution of Public Relations content on Instagram & other software through the method of shout outs.

This learning management software gives me complete faith that Diana & I have had a shared learning experience. I have faith that it will also lead to Diana Skye & I using more efficient Instagram content format models in the near future.