immersing in Instagram. Hello Future , from St. Lawrence College Alma Mater. (664 words)

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Ashton Deroy writes: Hey St. Lawrence College. 

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I never thought I would do this but I want to talk to my alma mater for a second. In 2015 I got my graduate certificate at St. Lawrence College. I then proceeded to burn out, follow instructor ********** IMC’s advice, work in a call center. From there I was so stressed out I became a drug addict & drove my own autism psycho. 

Long story short, do not let somebody else decide how good you are at Digital Marketing. In 2018 I am doing more now in Digital Marketing than I ever imagined. I have had clients, continued my learning & been interviewed on a tech Entrepreneur blog in the United Kingdom. An article with over 7,000 views & has filtered web traffic to many of my projects through the additional use of backlinks, tags & social media. 

Oh yeah, my autistic business partner Diana Skye has also now been interviewed on Blog Process.

That article now has 1,000 views. I was happy to be able to persuade BlogProcess to place Diana on their forum.

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What happened to get me here?

I went from a relative unknown to someone beginning to become an authority in the use of digital media to influence global change, social justice, & Public Relations. Well in 2016 I approached Starter Company & began making a business strategy. When it came time to maybe consider applying for debt equity? I decided to just quit it. I already had the business plan. Why would I need someone else’s equity? So I invested my own money on many website ideas. This current website being the most successful. 

From there I was able to influence Dignity Repairs to join the team. Then I was able to rally that momentum to work with LGBTQ+ Social justice groups, Environmental science causes & Community causes. 

What is Diana Skye’s role? 

People ask me this all the time. They can’t seem to figure out what use she brings me. It is not that hard idiots! Diana Skye is a Public Relations expert. She just needs to be polished. I am not kidding. I can’t think of anyone with more relevant knowledge on the marketplace than Diana Skye. 

She & I did continue to do learning on .

It is not just about learning though. This is Marketing, we need to get out & talk to people. So we created formats to revolutionize our Instagram formatting based on our online lectures, We took a Public Relations course so we could continue to focus on ethically conscious campaigns & promote eco-friendly packages. Such as the Straws I heard about from Diana Skye in her YouTube video featured on Blog Process & we developed a stronger sales strategy for ourselves.

How did we immerse in Instagram? 

We immersed in Instagram by attending a lecture by Nik Swami on Udemy. With his strategies, we were able to get a firm training on the software that has helped to give us real results. Roughly From 170 to 190 followers using his advice & creating quality content.

Read our review on him

What is next? 

We want to continue to do more. Work with more clients in more industries. Especially eco-conscious clients. We want to re-enter finance & the emerging Canadian Marijuana Markets. We want to be a presence in the current economy. The action plan is pending. Smiley Face

Our ad space Website List:

  • QWAC Forum – A Quinte West photography forum. Hub located in Trenton Ontario.
  • Liberty Brothers – Matt Carke’s idea for gaining political influence
  • Bongs-R-Us – A seasonal online Bong sales intermediary & medical marijuana activism blog.

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