Interview with Basil Bee


Basil, can you please tell us about yourself?Well, my name is Basil. I’m from a small town in Ontario, and I am FTM. I love tea and coffee, more than most people. Ever since I was little I wanted to be a story teller, and when people told me I shouldn’t I have decided to respond with: watch me.

What are your focus areas and why?
This is where I fail as a writer. I have so many stories to tell, and so many different ways I want to tell them, I don’t have a focus. Or at least nothing consistent. Essentially I want to write stories I want to read but don’t exist yet.How do you describe your book in 3 words?

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Diary of a closetted trans man Basil Bee

What will I notice after reading your first 10 pages? In three words?

I’m going to bend the rules a little and pick a three word phrase: queer indie poetry. What I’m hoping cis readers will notice is how different the media portrays trans people
compared to how our lives are actually lived.

Transgender author in Quinte West Basil Bee

For trans readers, I want them to have a story they can actually relate to. I want this to be their story as much as my own. I’m hoping they will be able to relate to something I’ve written.

How did you build your inspirational spirit, do you believe you were born with it or did you develop it?
I don’t at all think I was born with it. I don’t consider myself inspirational, but I do understand where the idea comes from. But it’s definitely something that came from the things I’ve been through, and the life I’ve lived. It has been my choice to share my story because I don’t want people like me to feel alone.

What made you determined to publish your own book?
Oddly enough, despite all of the queer media we are beginning to see, big name publishers are still scared of queer stories. The media still has this very strict image of queer people, and they all have to be inspirational, and they all have to have a tragic back story. That’s not always the case. So the reason I chose to self publish was because I figured no publisher would pick up a story that doesn’t fit the mould. I am also a bit of a control freak, so this process allowed me to
have all of the control over everything.
How does Canada play a role in your art?
Growing up, I read a lot of Canadian literature, and I still do. I look up to Canadian writers like Farley Mowat, and Al Purdy. Canada shaped who I am as a person. It’s my home. And I would like to write more about being Canadian, and about how beautiful this land can be.
What are you thinking about for your next project?Next projects?

I have so many ideas. I am going to be busy with projects for at least the next
five years if I don’t come up with more along the way. I have some ideas for a podcast, another poetry book, I’m working on a novel. I would love to try my hand at making a Zine, just to say I’ve done it. I want to tell as many different stories as I can before I leave this earth. If fans want to stay connected with your work where can we direct them?
Instagram is my main social media platform, but stay tuned for the website I am currentlybuilding. My instagram handle is @fairyprincebasil.

Any final thoughts?
Stay kind. Stay curious. And thank you all so much.