Proof honest cover letters don’t get you hired.

Ashton Deroy Writes: Autistic people still face job discrimination despite what you may think. I agree with the Conservative ideal that the most skilled available person should have access to employment. However the common perception on Autistic people is still that they are retards that can not do any job.

Checkout this search reference below, By 2025 we want to have an accessible province to people with disabilities. I think if I can gather a sample of 10 people I can prove Quinte West is nowhere close to it. 

Search reference.png

I am actually going to go around handing out the below cover letter in Trenton Ontario. With this execution, I will prove to you honesty does not get you a job. Jobs are often gotten by resume enhanced for grand standing & down right lying. 

Ashton Deroy’s Cover letter

Ashton deroy’s administrative resume