Cheat sheet & ideas for whoever is mayor of Quinte West

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Ashton Deroy writes, Hello & welcome to your cheat sheet. My name is Ashton Deroy and my goodness I am sick of the mismanagement of Quinte West. 

Most of my life I have lived in this city and I have not felt safe. Neither have my native friends, non-Catholics & landed immigrants. If the Quinte West economy would like to survive then changes must be made now! 

I don’t want to wait until another election to have my ideas heard. We must act now. We must watch the government closely, advocate for social change & protect minority citizens. 

Ashton Deroy on play.png

Quinte West does not work for everyone & that is my problem! 

Thank you for reading, my name is Ashton Deroy. You can reach me at or 647-850-6802.