Family slide deck

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Family & friends are included in this slide deck. Inclusion does not mean their beliefs or stance align with mine. Or do you need a lecture on the freedom to associate? 

I will write this in full later. This is Ashton Deroy posting from Quinte West at 0535. I hope you enjoy the pictures that describe the culture of the people I know. Maybe this will shed some light on why I care about governance & making things better in Quinte West.

Mainly I just set this up to display artwork on the TV in our front room. How would you summarize your family? Inspirational, strong, talented & diverse. We are a mixed family of divorce & trauma. However, we never lose our mighty Canadian Spirits & that is what makes us so special & unique. 

We’ve been attacked, We’ve been ripped off by others & the government. My Dad still makes it work by dedicating to is career/family life & leads by example about bringing in money for his family. He was the reason I chose web design & finance as a career skill to develop. My brother Kyle is a healer & despite being my younger brother. I call him my older brother out of respect for his high functioning intelligence & doing so much to get me from a spaz that didn’t function. To an eventually having my first real advertising job. 

What is their relevance to this page? Diana Skye & I may co-own this site. Our family that consults with us is so much bigger than just us though. We will survive & we will take over. We no longer hide because we are too strong for that now!