What does autism burnout mean to me?

To: Karen Bojti

from Autism Coalition

From: Ashton Deroy

Subject: Autism Burnout

The face of Autism in Quinte West is Ashton Deroy. They are the face of the anti-establishment movement in reluctant support of Duncan Armstrong in the 2018 Mayoral election.

Why does Ashton Deroy say they are reluctant to support Duncan Armstrong? 

I say reluctant to support because I want to be 100% behind him. However, his response to my protest has me somewhat questioning him. Does he think the culture to Quinte West is really appropriate to promote in North America? Or does the garbage need pick up, the town needs social guidance & the city needs a better customer service system. 

What is your experience with Quinte West & social justice? 

Quinte West has no social justice. that is my opinion, but I do not have to put up with it. I can say I am mad. Then handle it on the municipal level with a spirited protest. 

Where does the municipal government of Quinte West need to watch with you right now? 

They need to watch me as I expose the real culture of Quinte West. Violence, drugs & poverty. That is the culture. The rest has just been a show put on for the global audience but it stops right now! I am building a competing message to Quinte West Tourism & I intend to be louder about what I have to say. You don’t get to collect the government paycheque & provide little to no social order. That is not right at all. 

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