Seneca pride a look at autistic oppression in heavy counselling environments.

Main section of this protest masterpiece. 

Update, September 14th 2018 

This is literally the first LGBTQ2S group of its kind. The literal first LGBTQ2S group to not allow protests. A common criticism of the group is “It is too privileged. ” Yeah, that is valid. Thanks to the hard work & limited brain capacity of ##### & #######. Thank you for always doing things by the books guys and getting a college group to Toronto Pride

Instead of giving them actual educational or employment value! You guys rule! This is a valid criticism for an LGBTQ2S group in what is supposed to be an advanced skill college. Laughing

Seneca Newnham Pride Mean Girls Presentation

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Hey Seneca Community, 

Summary of grievances: Autistic people being treated unfairly in Seneca College’s pride. This type of behavior that I will continue to outline. Cyber bullying, cliques & friendship based nepotism are the environments you can expect when you try to rise to Power in Seneca Pride.  The use of gender cliques to gain power in business scenarios & how uselessly co-dependent outliers of Seneca Pride find the group! 

It is Ashton Deroy, gone but not forgotten anytime soon. I did agree to do some pro-Seneca Pride materials & you may see me in the next year. However, I finally have to publish the “Sh##!”

Special shoutout to SSF & Seneca Pride for their extra special female empowered girl power club oppression. You guys really helped me understand the problems with this group. 

Now some people’s counter-argument to my essay is going to be, “Well you broke a rule you deserve what happened!”  Did I really deserve having the normal girls club push me out? To put this into perspective Seneca Pride is now run by all females in the same social clique. The new Vice President who was promoted over me, was not even an attending member when she received her position. This proves that she got unfair favoritism from the perspective of this active participant in managing the group. 

What was counseling’s role in oppression? 

I feel really bad for saying this because I like the counseling team. However in an uptight mental health environment such as Seneca Pride an autistic person could never hold power in the group. How can we rise up in an environment that automatically recognizes our mental illness? We are instantly coddled. To put this into perspective ******, *****& I are all now ex-members of the group. We are all mentally abnormal. 

“Seneca Pride President 2016-2018 actually remarked a special needs student acted like he resembled a psychotic person. “

Noteworthy things about the environment: 

  1. People share their feelings like Kindergarten 
  2. People self-identify pronouns obsessively 
  3. There are cute group projects such as “Anti-Bullying” Buzzword mental health positivity,  but an actual resistance to talking real mental health issues like mine. Autism, addiction and Post Traumatic stress from gay bashing. 
  4. The group is torn from the pulls of the Student Seneca Federation, The college, the student-faculty & the counseling overlords! The power balance has become chaos. ##### says, “The power is in our hands.” 

The power is in the hands of the people who bring the group the most money! 

What was expected of me after my time at Seneca Pride? they expected me to hand over the official Seneca Pride website despite never doing an official agreement with me. That I have noted in my Seneca Pride Email address. The Seneca Student Federation has over stepped their bounds in the hiring & firing of Seneca Pride reps that would preferably be hired by a speedy social group democracy.

Seneca’s LGBTQ2S community has real challenges, power struggles & freedom for independence. 

What is the purpose of this? 

Let us explore challenging this current counseling environment of LGBTQ2S. It is much to female-dominated & it oppresses special people. Oops did I say special & not special needs? Face it I am the only one in the group that can code a proper integrated media website. The fact I wasn’t allowed a more challenging a role can only be associated with my failing mental health. Was not in fact the reflection of my work ethic. 

Desired Outcome 

The desired outcome as of September 14th 2018. As a student who is no longer attending Seneca College. I would like to achieve a formal apology from the student Seneca Pride admin, Seneca Student Federation & the admin of the college. Is that too much? I don’t think so. I had 200 website views by taking the Seneca College Digital Marketing presence. This is an occupy online movement. I am using free speech to let you know I am upset with my oppression! 

For concerns please contact me at , This essay will not be unpublished but people have a right to censor their names upon request after we get a peaceful resolution.