Municipal conspiracy in Quinte West

Quinte West Democratic Collusion.png

To: Quinte West

From: Ashton Deroy 

Subject: We need to put these candidates to work & get explanations for shady behaviors. 

In order for our great Canadian Democracy to work. We must balance rivaling claims from different segments of the population. When people don’t make clear statements about the populace they represent we have to worry that they represent self-interest. What happens if they represent self-interest? 

Call to action: We want answers or we want both candidates removed! I am voting Duncan Armstrong should the action like that not happen. It isn’t a friendly vote. I expect him to do some work & save us some money! Right now I feel Jim Harrisson deserves his walking papers for inflating the Trenton Ontario economy & making it harder for the lower class to continue living here. 

Many of us feel that the Quinte West government is wasting money and benefitting way too much from us. Shrink, lower your involvement with private organizations and fire some useless people. There is no reason for living in our small town should be this difficult. It has never been as difficult as it is now!

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