Introduction to Modern Witchcraft. Ashton Deroy is a Witch!

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Written by Ashton Deroy 9/6/2018

Diana Skye & Ashton Deroy write Introduction to Modern Witch Craft.

“Honestly I am having trouble focussing today. So I might need to re-update this post at a later date. Here goes talking about this.”

To: Quinte West & Everyone there 

From: Ashton Deroy 

Subject: Wiccans 

What you are about to view is the basics of a religion called Wicca. It is not one of the typical Conservative faiths in the area. This is a Liberal faith dedicated to tricks, feminism & nature. In the future, I would like to see more Wiccan Pendants around Quinte West & fewer crucifixes. 

Take the time to look at our secondary research & ask me about reading the materials I use. Anyone that I can get into this religion properly, I will take the time to teach about my tribe, its traditions & the roots of my magick. I would like it if one day there were so many Wicca in Canada, that it became something our country is recognized for. That is a dream but check with me in a few years. 

What do my mornings look like as a Wicca? 

  1. Communing with Nature 
  2. Meditating 
  3. Brainstorming on my next tricks. 

I actually have one of the most beautiful religions you could ever imagine. Yes I consider myself a witch. 

Check out Wiccan mathematics art executed by an expert photo editor Ashton Deroy. Click below:

Quinte West bird bath art.png