Quinte West, lets dive into the 1960’s nostalgia

With cannabis culture making a return in Canada. There is a worth wild nostalgia for 1960’s culture & bringing that into 2018. Here at Swan Whispers Public Relations, we love the 1960’s culture, art & music. With this in mind, here are 3 things you have to check out from the 1960’s. For concerns about any the articles on our website or to talk about advertising with us, contact Ashton Deroy at Ashtonderoy@gmail.com
1.) The Beatles Song Revolution. This is often referred to as the anthem of the 1960’s.

2.) Psychadelic arts & Fashion.

Coffee infused with marijuana.png
3.) Marijuana smoke ables & edibles.
In October 2018 we are expecting legalization & commercialization on a recreational level. Personally, me (Ashton Deroy) am done with the fear of marijuana.’

If you have not given it a try & you are over the age of 19 I believe you are long over due. I am tired of the fear & the bogus science, that even I no longer buy in to. Just be smart about it. Get stoned around those you trust, play board games & listen to cool music. Stop being a square & dive into youth culture.
Anyone not diving into these things or supporting them in culture is not cool. I am not kidding! Broaden your horizons & open your minds to art.
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