DeRoys are rebels! Seneca pride a look at autistic oppression

Too much counselling

Was I denied advancement because of my autism in my College’s Seneca Pride group? Hi I am Ashton Deroy & I was apart of Seneca College’s Pride group. I was going to deal with social issues, make new friends & maybe leverage a little bit of influence at my college. However I suffer with three major issues. I suffer with PTSD from being beaten down as a child, I suffer from ADHD & ODD which can make me hard to control & lastly I suffer with an obsession for fairness. I believe everything should be black & white fair.

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To start I suffer with PTSD, pointed out by a counselor & one of my traumas is sexual assault. I found with the #MeToo movement at Seneca College Sexual assault was always in my face. Who said I was ready to deal with my own assault? There it was though all the time. Posters, group members talked about it & people dwell on it. It got so bad my repressed memories came out & I had to get counselling before I was ready. This is part one of going crazy in Seneca Pride. You should also know when the President would talk about these types of issues in Seneca Pride she would catch me off guard & make me very uncomfortable. Mental health & rape are not buzz words for a social group at a school!

Attention deficit hyper active disorder (ADHD) Opposition Defiance Disorder (ODD) Which were separately pointed out by a counselor. These two issues may of meant I didn’t always agree with management. However I though free speech was my right. Is free speech a right in Canada? After the incident with Seneca Pride involving me protesting an obscene prejudice comedy show at the college & posting an equal opportunity job ad on the Seneca Pride Facebook group I was let go. This is the biggest example of stupidity by a social group at an advanced skill college!

Lastly I suffer with an obsession for fairness which I guess counselors did not care about. At Seneca Pride there was no fairness! The girls in the student administration played a lot of favorites and I paid the price. I guess that is what I get for speaking up. Where were the checks & balances to catch this? I guess I don’t know but I am sad.

The school politics got so bad I quit school & moved close to home. I consider Seneca College one of the worst colleges I have ever been to as an autistic queer person. I guess I am just glad the experience is over after 2 years. Still I will miss my friends. What would I liked to have done? I would have liked to become a vice president or president of Seneca Pride & used my digital marketing skills to help grow the group. Now that can only be a dream and the website I designed for them back in 2016 is far gone! Oh well.