Trenton Ontario YMCA Demonstration. Stand up for Young Moms!

Trenton Ontario YMCA demonstration.png

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Ashton Deroy Writes: If you were at YMCA in Trenton Ontario you saw me flip out today. News flash, I am not doing mentally well! That still does not excuse the level of ignorance I saw at the YMCA in Trenton Ontario today. I decided to add to my content by making this an interview piece. Let us actualize that I am being interviewed after witnessing a travesty because that is what it is.  

Robot Interviewer: What did you witness today at the YMCA? 

Ashton Deroy: I witnessed a young mother being turned away from the pool with her young child because she arrived during an adult swim class. 

Robot Interviewer: What is the problem with this? 

Ashton Deroy: There is a generally poor attitude with young moms in Canada & more specifically in the Quinte West area. Actually, some of this community will treat me standing up for young moms as a crime. Too bad though, I am related to young mothers & I think they are excellent people and a necessity to our economy. I believe we need to shape our system to give them as many rights as possible to work, access services & rule the city. 

Manager of Aqautics at Trenton YMCA.png

Robot interviewer: What have you experience wrong with your Trenton Ontario YMCA membership? 

Ashton Deroy: Let me respond to this as a 3 part problem. 

  1. ) Gym rules that favor the oldest segment of the population. 
  2. ) An over feeling of privilege everytime I walk into this gym. Pro-dominantly amongst the oldest members of the population. Guess what guys? I have a right to occupy the space to 😡     ….. I insist upon it in actuality
  3. Anyone with grey hair thinks they can boss you around. I am sorry to do you pay me? You would actually have to pay me quite well to afford me. I do not indiscriminately respect my elders. I respect those I choose to respect! Got a problem with that? 😡 

Message to the Quinte West Community. 

“I want better & I want it done better for my community. The non-religious, LGBTQ2S, Aboriginals, Women, people from different cultures, the lower class & the College graduates. I am so tired of how this community treats us in the name of the structure. It isn’t structured you are chasing the income earning young adult population out of Quinte West & you are being completely unfair.”

Demands: I want more open swim times, less turning people away from the pool at any time. I want my generation to occupy the YMCA in Central East Ontario & take it over. What is happening is absolutely ridiculous & I think we can do so much better. I know this might not be the most popular idea I put on the internet. Damn it though it is so important to make a community center that not only treats moms well but actually presents them with unrelenting favoritism in the community. After all, they are the ones bringing up our future for Quinte West.