Seneca Newnham Pride Slideshow of the Mean Girls.

“I was targetted maliciously during the time I was trying to launch my own business & work in Market research. The result of this targetting cost me a major part of my portfolio , a portion on my education & caused me depression. Is this defamation? In my opinion it is the truth about cyber bullying at Seneca College Newnham Campus that was condoned by the Seneca Student Federation. I (Ashton Deroy)  am a victim damn it! “

Hey Toronto College academic readers, Ministry of Education & government of Canada.

Subject: The Slideshow of Mean Girls. Cyberbullying & defamation that cost me a large portion of my web design portfolio with Seneca Newnham Pride

This slideshow is designed to show you the reason for my withdrawal at Seneca College, censorship I faced working in a Pride group & the unprofessionalism of two young women who in my opinion set out to destroy my body of work accompanied by Fatema in the Student Seneca Federation. 

Questions people need to be asking. 

  1. Did you feel harassed by the Seneca Newnham Pride student admin team? Yes, I believe I was harassed & this is my way of coping. 
  2. Do you believe other obviously autistic/disabled members were not included in activities by the mentioned parties above? Yes, both Eric & Simon are great examples of parties not included. 
  3. Are you prepared to be called out for defamation? Already have been & I told people I am now advocating for myself in this matter. 
  4. Do you feel you have taken this too far? Here is something to think about. What would you do if your masterpiece was taken away from you? That is how I (Ashton Deroy) view my WordPress blogging projects. I am becoming a recognized autistic web entrepreneur & this conflict slowed me down greatly! 
  5. How do you believe this should have been dealt with? I remove the post & we never discuss it again. 
  6. What do you hope the other parties learn from this? I hope they learn to be kind to people with different mindsets. One of the parties claimed to have experience working with autistic people. Why couldn’t she help me promote myself as a protest writer & podcast personality? She promotes herself as a model. I don’t think she wanted me to have any kind of power at the end of the day. I think that it is just sad that a penis is viewed as a reason not to run a Seneca Pride group. Especially when I am not even a boy! 
  7. Why do people who don’t show up to Seneca Pride meetings rewarded with power? This is not a question I can answer. 

This is so bad that I no longer want to attend Seneca & my withdrawal was submit for September 2018. 😥 

Thank you for the pain. 


Ashton Deroy 

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