Retaking our community pool at Trenton YMCA, success in Quinte West.

AshtonQBE Instagram, YMCA open swim success.

Stop! Get interactive with this blog. 

Text: 647-850-6802. Then the writer AshtonQBE can engage in a discussion from the cottage in Frankford Ontario where they live off the WiFi grid.

Ashton Deroy was at the Quinte West Library.png

Posted from the public Library in Trenton Ontario. 

AshtonQBE writes: I was complaining on Instagram about the YMCA Trenton Ontario swim programs not having enough gaps & the pool not having enough space. On September 17th Sarah has created a new swim schedule which will work to better accommodate young adults. 

A concession I will make…. 

I don’t need to have my cellphone on me at all times in the gym. However, I would like to be able to promote myself when necessary & I do pay the gym to use their WiFi so that is something YMCA Trenton Ontario will have to work with.

Overall, you may wonder something like… “Why is AshtonQBE protesting so much?” I am protesting because in my life I have been kicked out of my home illegally in North York Ontario, I was wrongfully associated with a privileged person because I am Caucasian with blue eyes & I am invisible to this society as an autistic. Wake up and realize I exist & I am not nothing!” 

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“There is no such thing as outgrowing autism. I feel like my brain will always be running behind. Growing out of autism is complete crap preached by bigots & codependent morons! There is no cure! There is no known single cause! There is just treatment & compassion.” AshtonQBE