Ashton Deroy is the Quinte West Google Guide.

Google Guide Ashton Deroy cross dressing tye dye autistic

Ashton Deroy : You might have to start being nice to a cross-dressing tye dye autistic. Ashton Deroy of Swan Whispers Public Relations has started doing the not so secret shopping in Quinte West. Proving that weirdos really do dominate the computer & tech industry. From YMCA Trenton Ontario.

I reviewed YMCA in Trenton Ontario today. I gave them 3 stars on Google because the other members make me very uncomfortable as a cross-dressing autistic. There I said it. YMCA Canada is not always great for the inclusion. Would I keep my membership? They suck at inclusion but I have always wanted my own pool. Yes, I will keep the membership.

This is Swan Whispers Public Relations.

Not your’s Truly 

AJ Deroy. 

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Aj Deroy: This is the weird stuff I do without internet. I made a picture of ash. Spilled salt on it & used blue crayons. This is why people hate living with me! I am really weird.