Searching for clarity at Quinte West Public Library. What is wrong with our Library database & website?

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AJ Deroy writes: There is nothing I despise more than a barely functional website. I mean I am out there, seeking employment or something to do. These lazy things are still up doing barely anything. So here is why I don’t like the Quinte West Public Library Website. 

  • Not enough entries – There is way more that needs to be added about the current inventory catalog at Quinte West Public Library. 
  • No attached social media pages- This would be used to make complaints, contact service reps & also no one uses the telephone anymore. 
  • It is boring – I mean do I need to say anymore? Quinte West Public Library’s website is boring with nothing we need & nothing that entertaining. 

I am AJ Deroy, I do marketing and design interactive blogs. I can be reached at 647-850-6802. Stop making these stupid garbage sites because they are just begging for my reviews. Have the guts to approach a pro! Otherwise your site could be next ^_^ 

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The aesthetic for my site. 

I am an autistic advocate & here is what I wanted today:

“I wanted my site to look like it was thrown together in a High School HTML class. Like the first website I setup with my best-friend, when I was 14. 🙂 . Oh that is how long I have wanted to setup .com pages. ” AJ Deroy