The unspoken workers’ strike in Quinte West.

Unspoken workers' strike

Take off your shoes & put on your tye dye + sandals. The workers have quit in Quinte West & they will shortly be taking themselves to the street. Maybe to take back some of that delicious capital used for the Trenton Marina. Why don’t we have a homeless shelter in our town again? 

AJ Deroy writes: Be a Conservative at your own risk. It won’t be me doing it, but if you are a upper class individual flaunting a Conservative status. You better prepare to be stolen from. Welcome to Quinte West in 2018 ! We the lower class are finally starting to turn against our elites, refuse to work & forcing companies raise entry wage. 

What is the plan? We are driving this town in to the ground! 

Here is how to predict the economic future of Quinte West. How can you be certain we are turning against the elites? The abuse of the social assistance programs in Quinte West is the best indicator. Wait there is more though! Where the social assistance system will fail you will actually see for example breaking in and selling your stuff. Count on that! I know some of the people that used to do it. Again I will not reveal my sources. 

How you can tell we are refusing to work? Someone I knew who started a job at SP Data quit the job after 1 day because it just wasn’t good enough. That is the rebellion! We still need to do way more to be heard but this is a great step. Personally I think if you really want to get on the call center’s nerves, you should do all the training & then quit the job. That is the ultimate “Screw you” Message. 

Hinduja Global Solutions

Forcing companies to raise the entry wage. HGS now offers jobs for $16 an hour. That is progress especially from an outsourcing company. Still much has to be done for job flexibility & protecting the rights of workers in Quinte West. 

To conclude, we the lower class are ready to drive the Quinte West economy in the ground. Do you really want to tell me you have the guts to vote Jim Harrison? You better have some big balls. Vote Duncan Armstrong if you want to survive the economic apocalypse on the way. 

As for me I won’t be withholding from a job in Quinte West. I will be in a tourism program at Career Edge Quinte West

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Vote Duncan Armstrong for Mayor of Quinte West October 22nd 2018. “I don’t play favorites.” Duncan Armstrong.  reply, “Good because Jim Harrison does.” AJ Deroy. 

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