Diana Skye’s weird dream

Diana Skye's weird dream.png

What was the dream Diana Skye?

Her answer, “Diana Skye I was stuck in a car window and said a bunch of random stuff which ended up on television. I spent a day at a warehouse where I had to make sure butter was not touched. I hugged a family member and she said it wasn’t a good hug. There were cats being adorable. I nearly fell on some stairs and everyone told me to avoid them in the future.”

My comment, “Ashton Deroy How your brain comes up with weird stuff as a mathematical formula. Hyper-intelligent + hyper creativity + past trauma = FML these dreams are weird!”

Ashton Deroy writes: Analyzing this dream now it would seem Diana Skye’s dream is a manifestation of insecurities & stress from a high paced life. For example when the relative said her hug wasn’t good. It is actually Diana’s own subconscious saying, “I am not good enough.” As her sibling and close friend I have observed Diana with certain insecurities for a long time. Despite the fact that she was our top 2017 writer for this blog. Then we literally went on to invest in her branding, she still seems like she is out to prove something.

Announcement: Diana Skye might just prove something yet. She will be writing Ashton Deroy’s family branding content. Do we think she can tell the DeRoy story? Lets find out together before Sunday September the 30th.