Review: Momma’s Diner 425 Sidney St Trenton ON

Meatless at Mama's Diner.jpg

Written by AJ Deroy Search Momma’s Diner

Subject: Just not that considerate.

2 star review

Momma’s Diner review copy: To start I ordered something called a meatless breakfast. I am autistic & red meat can make me personally sick. They still brought me pork & beans. I am a repeat customer to…

Tourism: This place does not look accessible to tourists. There are no maps & no one who gives a damn. The sad part is to this restaurant is near the highway. Meaning people could easily end up here because they got lost. There is nothing! Tourism in Quinte West is not a well thought out plan. 

LGBTQ2S: They are not homophobic but we probably stick out here like a sore thumb.


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