It is 2018; can we admit traditional Conservatism in Quinte West is getting weird?

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Written by AJ Deroy

Believe it or not I like some Conservatives. I can’t deny this, but despite that we need to notice how weird these people are making Canadian culture. What is the reason traditional Conservatism is making Canada seem weird? This value system makes religion more normal than being LGBTQ2S, they are still incredibly racist & they are jealous of the support we give to refugees.

I am AJ Deroy an autistic writer in Quinte West. A lot of what I do is I sit back & I observe the messed up town I live in. Traditional & privileged conservatism has made Quinte West really weird. Like why am I still discussing things like religion versus transgender rights? I go back to a conversation I had with my cousin Troy where he said he didn’t want to normalize Transgender individuals in our society. Dude they already are normal & I like dating transgender girls! What is wrong with that? The answer is nothing. I found a type of person I am attracted to & just went for it. That prior fact is plain & simple. The fact that he can still express something that I identify as hate speech & even be somewhat socially accepted around here is incredibly pathetic. It does prove traditional conservatism is making Quinte West Socially stupid.

Racism in Quinte West amongst the Conservative elderly is still at an all-time high. I saw this racism sitting openly and having a conversation at the Trenton Ontario YMCA in 2018. Well to that I respond with, look around. Our town is not getting less diverse any time soon! You might as well, make a friend from another country. I am not going to dwell too much on this point; instead I am going to say this. “Making friends from other countries is a good way to get a global set of wisdoms without ever leaving your own country.” AJ Deroy.

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Promoted message: Tune in Sunday September 30th 2018. We are going to be discussing the DeRoy family culture of intellectual troublemakers. Living in Quinte West, working & paying their taxes. These are the people that convinced me, I needed to start fighting for the lower middle class. (I refers to AJ Deroy) 

Lastly, jealousy over support we give to refugees. This is my favorite bit of Conservative stupidity! I repeat this again & again. They can’t live in their home nations because they are too danger. They have to go somewhere at the end of the day. Why are we so dense that we can’t form any kind of compassion for these people for what they have gone through?

It is 2018 & Trenton Ontario needs to grow up. You can’t use being old & stuck in your ways as an excuse anymore. It is very pathetic to think that gives you any kind of excuse. Do I think we should re-elect Jim Harrison to prop these values? Absolutely not, I think if you are even a figure head of this outdated disgusting set of values we need to get rid of you from our government. Stop being stupid & start being progressive Quinte West.

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AJ Deroy’s Story: I grew up around traditional Conservative Catholics that were so abusive. It was not uncommon to leave my grandma’s house completely broken down in tears. I was abused for being gender queer, autistic & basically having a personality. This year I finally turned back on them & I have never looked back. 

My family broke me, broke my heart & broke my mind. Until I couldn’t even empathize with them anymore. They made my head go so dark I can’t hold any feelings for them except heated, forever burning anger! If they read this I hope they know how sick they truly make me.