Love-Spiracy Update 2/10/2018

Ashton Deroy Writes: Hey guys I know for a bit we had the Love_Spiracy content as side widgets on the Website. For those who do not know Love Spiracy is a game Steph Barton is developing here in Quinte West & Belleville Ontario. Don’t say Canada doesn’t create good art you knobs! I just wanted to share some of the artwork being created for the project off of Love_Spiracy

How does covering this game benefit Ashton Deroy? Well I benefit from being right in the mix of arts & social culture development in Canada. I can remember a time where in order for Canadian entertainment to be consumed by the masses we had to make it dumbed down. Even in Quinte West there is not a lot of intelligence to go around. However Love-Spiracy looks to be a much more well rounded sophisticated piece of entertainment that will appeal to sophisticated users and gamer from around the world. 

Love-Spiracy Journalism character.png


Three pieces of sneak information granted to me by the game developers: 

  1. Premise Game mechanics: Starts off MC her in her room with conspiracy cork board/ scrapbook. Game works like the MC is either memory, or if it’s her fictional fantasy.
  2. The characters were made with heavy descriptors: In fact it is not uncommon for a character to be called a b**** in a story-line development meeting.
  3. We have big characters for a game that is really the first diverse love mystery game of its kind. 

Life_and_steph on Instagram

Do you want more details or a bigger sneak peak at the game? You have to get in touch with our lead developer Steph Barton. You can reach Steph Barton at . They are helping me to be able to bring this game to the Swan Whispers Public Relations audience. 

How did I get in touch with Steph? The reality is you can make marketing contacts anywhere. I met Steph Barton on TindR & after a dysfunctional bit of time. We were able to admit our professional friendship worked really well for the both of us. I am Ashton Deroy an autistic Public Relations representative. Steph graduated from the Social Service Worker program at Loyalist college. You can see why our backgrounds give us incredibly talented web marketing projects.  

Does Steph use the Social Service Work program to help with the game? Absolutely in my opinion they do that. The complex social and mental dynamics covered in the Social Service worker program will help Steph to create a complex intellectual’s video game that we have not seen in the past ever before.  It is also quite an ambitious project for a low income millennial to take on while trying to transition from college to their career. Not enough applause is given to the millennial who go out & try to earn their success. 

Have you checked out the merchandise? Steph Barton is a fantastic Graphics designer & if you get one of these shirts you will get a keepsake from an amazing game. Be sure to click the picture below and buy one of the shirts from our trusted distributor at Red Bubble. Well that is all for now from Ashton Deroy to Quinte West… Let me close by saying, “I need to f***ing move!” 

Love_Spiracy Merch

Love_spiracy shirts.png