Quinte West: Why are we lacking genuine youth art? The flaws of our old school society.

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Ashton Deroy Writes: Some people are going to respond to this by saying, “Quinte West lacks young artists because they are lazy & entitled.” To that I reply, “yeah just like artists.” With that in mind why is Quinte West somewhat lacking a youthful artistic expression culture? I think I can narrow are stupidity down to three finer points. 

  1. Ontario Education is for idiots – Our school systems here consist of over censored public schools & 1 Catholic school. I don’t think our high schools pop out many intelligent people. Special shout out to St. Paul’s in Trenton Ontario which I think pumps out a special kind of cancerous idiot in Trenton Ontario. Education teaches submissive to fascism, following someone else’s rules & thinking inside the box. That is why it pumps out so many clueless idiots in Ontario’s messed up economy right now! 
  2. Old people rule – They are the largest percentage of our city voters & their brains have been deteriorating since they were 50 years old. Time to stop taking some of them so seriously & it is definitely time we remove them from power spots in society. They are censoring our creative culture and making Quinte West look retarded on a mass scale. Also why aren’t more of these people in special homes? Why are they driving? I am going to be calling the police on old people I do not think should be driving. Plain & simple time to take affirmative actions. Some of these old idiots think it is still okay to drive drunk.
  3. Fascist culture – We are still stuck to really old school hangups. For example how come I can’t blast my music out loud on the street? Throw those idiot values away and modernize all ready! Living in Quinte West is like a large headache like this. Stop letting old people tell you what to do, letting them judge young mother & tell you where you can & can’t have a cellphone. Just, no more. Take their power away completely if they can’t become more Liberal. 
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The Dead not only walk in Quinte West. They vote & drive as well. FEAR THEM YO!

The Conservative elderly are racist, ignorant & overly self-interested. It is time we vote & use our actions to start ignoring this population. We can not allow them to control our culture anymore! Or we will continue in a destructive fascist path. Lets make Quinte West do better. 

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Literal rants I have to listen to older members of Quinte West have in public spaces. 

  1. “Why are we helping all these refugees? Justin Trudeau is too pro Muslim!” 
  2. “I don’t think the government should help young struggling moms!” 
  3. “The United States having a black president was a joke!”
  4. “I think transgender people are just seeking attention.” 
  5. “Being Transgender is not something I want to accept in my society” 
  6. “You are going against the will of god by being gay!” 
  7. “Autistic people are just using their disability as an excuse.” 
  8. “Women who dress like that, deserve to be called what they are. Sluts, that is what they are.” 
  9. “Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve.” 
  10. “Abortion is not a civil right!” 

Maybe it is time to change the direction of Quinte West? Get in contact with our city officials.

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