Quinte West, Anti-Abortion Protests must stop! That means you St. Peter’s Catholic Church.

Abortion stops a beating heart.png

AshtonQBE: There is a place in Quinte West where a stupid church hangs a sign for all of the town to see. “Abortion stops a beating heart.” This sign I believe should be seen as a human rights violation and a highly disrespectful jab at Liberal Culture in Quinte West. My own text on the Instagram post where I grabbed this video says, “Psst rumor has it the people against abortion in #QuinteWest also support #RapeCulture . Ooops I spoke from experience in this town @ that church.” I fully stand by what I say. 

This St. Peter’s Catholic Church is a disgrace & it is disgracing the visitors Quinte West has from all over the world whom may of also had an abortion. Do we want people to think Quinte West is a bunch of hicks? With the continued display of this sign, this will be what people continue to think about Quinte West the Natural Attraction  Rape culture. 

Where is the sign? 

St Peter's Catholic Church

Do you want to improve Quinte West on an international scale to make an attractive tourist attraction? How about removing that old school Catholic crap? That would be an amazing start to re-defining our town’s culture. I am going to be very clear about this, the traditional Conservatives around Trenton Ontario are nothing short of disgusting to me. I think if Duncan Armstrong is going to address the sexual assault culture issues in Trenton Ontario. Then he is to be the man who needs to become mayor after October 22nd 2018. 

G. May Project.png

To: Duncan Armstrong

From: Sexual assault survivors including me

Eliminate that abortion sign and tell the church they can’t be expressing that thought as openly as they are. To express thoughts like that is to declare war on the Liberal lower class. This is a simple fact that everybody know & no one is doing anything about. This sign is destroying the aesthetic of our town. 

Even Americans will commonly say, “You guys look so redneck idiots with a sign like that out in the open in Quinte West.” 

I would rather have a sign of a guy full blown giving another guy pleasure than a sign like that. However neither should be displayed out in the open like that sign is for everyone to see. It is my feeling that Quinte West shows its true colors by not intervening in that sign being displayed. Here is the current marketing motto Quinte West is pushing out there! 

Elderly Conservatives

That is because the elderly Conservatives whom practice their religion with such prejudice may as well be walking dead idiots. They are thrashing against the fence of a practice that exists to protect women. Liberals are responding by calling them out. What do you think will happen if this church continues to display this sign? 

I believe younger people are going to get quite aggravated. Just like I am aggravated! Abortion is… none of our business. The end, we do not need a poster to tell us that. Support women’s rights to choose & take that sign down. 

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