Quinte West, Traditionalists are boring. Who is really curling?

AshtonQBE: There are two things you will never hear me talk about in Quinte West. 1. How great it is we have such a religious traditional community. 2. How much I love that all the activities around here are targeted to the elderly. Why does it have to be fun for young people to live here? 

Curling in Trenton Ontario is hellishly boring

To the old & the handicaps: Your Nurses have to have some kind of hobby after they take care of you. Even if that hobby is doing drugs until they pass out, worshiping a Muslim god or being a man who low key wears mini skirts! You have to have hobbies. Speaking of that, Trenton High really has none yet. Maybe if with the marijuana legalization we start to see more stoner culture… It could be really good for the town that is in a coma! 

Can we admit curling is boring? This is a hobby made for people that have joint pain. I mean Kristey Alley knows what she is talking about when she says in the Toronto Star Curling is boring February 21st 2018.  Not a hobby for people who live overly exciting lives. We need some cooler stuff to do! Like where can we go to watch laser shows? Right nowhere because we protect elderly people prone to seizures…. Right… That is great! 🙂 Except, maybe just have some places they can’t go as easily. 

Hobbies of the younger lower class in Quinte West: 

  • Smoking pot & going out drinking 
  • Training to fight 
  • Joining a recreation club targeted much to the elderly. 

What happens when Quinte West & their lowest class citizens get bored?

  • We develop new hobbies like robbing homes & businesses. << Never done it myself but I hear good things.
  • (I will never unveil my sources under any circumstances) 
  •  Vandalism << The only new youth art in Quinte West tends to be spray painted. I wonder why that is? Just because we censor all the new school stuff in school. Especially in the times of the Conservative old values’ province. 
  • Selling Drugs- Marijuana was the most profitable black market industry in Quinte West. I guarantee it even makes more money than outsourcing companies like SP Data. 

To conclude I guarantee Quinte West is going to do a lot better for advocating more workers’ rights, better healthcare & more community involvement.

What about the garbage

Quinte West, Garbage City. We want more money!.png

FYI this town is so destroyed by American outside companies that even a retard like me can see it. Why can’t you see it? For example Wal-Mart causing a lot of our businesses to leave town in 2008. Canadian Businesses cost more money… & they are worth it! 

An important declaration

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Ashton Deroy: I have a complicated plan. It is to use Google Software with various social medias & WordPress to become a famous autism advocate. I know it is so crazy, it just might work! In order to get where I am going I need more interactions on my other social media channels. This way I can boost my market position & become an embraced voice in my community. Isn’t it time we stop ignoring autistic people so much? 

Three things that affected my life as an autistic person growing up in Quinte West: 

  1. Taking Ritalin was like being drugged into nearly completely submissive by the school system – I attend Prince of Wales Public School until my first year of High School. I was in the special education program, they would have had me drugged dead by Ritalin instead of sober & happy. 
  2. Not being allowed in any classes in part of grade 5 – Then I was treated like a dangerous person at College Street school.  Which knowing my condition now, is laughable. We are saying goodbye to college street school after 80 years, all I can say as sweet parting words is… “Burn in h*** you idiots!” 
  3. Being told, “Don’t use your autism as an excuse.” – To that I reply, “You try waking up with brain issues everyday you moron.” << A large part of the reason I have abandoned Nicole & Mary on my Mom’s side as family. They would bully me until I cried about my autism. Then they would pretend using me to vent all their life’s anger was not a problem! They treated me like a dog is what I present with that proof. They treated me like a damn dog! 

To conclude, like my page on Facebook. I think this town needs not only Autism Awareness but also a f****** clue! Lets hope we can get this town some kind of clue.

Until next post my name is Ashton Deroy. Peace out readers! Peace symbol.png