New directions, Happy Cruel & outdated pilgrim day!

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Hey guys Happy Cruel & outdated pilgrim day!

“This page is some anarchist bull****!”

I am going to change the blog direction to be less protest heavy. I want to start working again so I can get involved with Non-Profit companies as a donor & advocate. There has to be a more positive direction we can take this blog. I look like a typical complainer in Trenton Ontario. Plus I think I am reaching the end of my burn out portion of my mental breakdown & coming to the repair part. 

What were you Thankful for this Thanksgiving? 

Personally I was thankful I had family to land with in Quinte West when I was done with my terrible experience in Toronto. 

What are my other interests? 

I am actually really in to playing Nintendo & of course getting high af. There has to be some entertaining stuff we can do with that! 

Psychadelic home depot belleville Ontario.png

What are your current music recommendations? 

What are your mobile application recommendations? 

  • Cartoon Pro– Allow you to apply a cartoon filter to your photos.  
  • Psychedelic Camera – Creates photos like the above photo of Belleville Ontario’s Home Depot. 
  • Simply Yoga – A daily stretching & toning app that helps with your yoga exercise. 

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Okay ending up alone article update – I need to shift to a more positive outlook. I am now in the best possible place to treat my autism & quit self-harm. =)