Sweating through my Ronda Rousey shirt at Trenton Ontario YMCA.

Ashton Deroy sweat through their shirt.png

Click the photo to link through to my Instagram to view the video. Today I had one goal when I went to the Trenton Ontario YMCA, I wanted to sweat through my T-Shirt. Which I did. 

What did Ashton Deroy do today? 

“I did a 1 hour boot-camp & ran 3.6 miles. Right now I am at Quinte West Public Library & I am practically paralyzed in my chair. That is how hard I work when I train.” 

What else is left for Ashton Deroy to do today? 

“I actually downloaded some old school music from the Sonic cartoon & games. I find it really motivating for when I go on a run. For those who don’t know, Sonic the hedge hog is my Nintendo/Sega hero. I actually love to play old school Sonic Sega games.” 

 How has Ashton Deroy’s life been outside of Seneca College? 

I actually did not land in Quinte West in the greatest place. For those who don’t know at Seneca College I was bullied by the Seneca Newnham Pride student admin. No one from the college actually advocated my stance. In the summer it was so bad that Stephanie Bagley & Melissa Ronson actually interfered with my ability to run my business during my summer time out of Seneca College. I was also wrongfully dismissed as Secretary of Seneca Pride. For more details click through to my old articles. 

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