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Ashton deroy’s administrative resume

Ashton Deroy writes: In October 2018, Jim Harrison the incumbent Mayor or Duncan Armstrong the challenger. These candidates will need your approval to make any difference at all in this community. I think that is just sad, I don’t have half of their wealth & influence & I am already making a difference in the community. Ashton Deroy advocate, protestor and troublemaker. What do I want? I don’t want the same old same old in Quinte West. I want to shake things up and break the current economy to set up a new one.

The following outlines my past in Quinte West. I outline my stances on various topics, as well as political alignment & vision for the community. It is my feeling I will not be the only person in Quinte West that feels that these changes need to be made and in making these changes I can have a better life for me, my family & my community. So what do we need moving forward? 

Social justice 

It is time for sexual assault & discrimination to become a thing of the past. We are a poor community. Yet we still manage to treat young mothers &  women who need an abortion awfully. I outline some of this in this Instagram post addressing the anti-abortion sign haunting Quinte West at St. Peter’s church. This town does not need to protest abortion so heavily when in fact it is barely doing anything about the massive numbers of sexual assault being reported every year! With this in mind, I think it is time for modern feminism to occupy our healthcare, school systems & even churches. 

Call Centers & Manufacturing 

These jobs are a vital part of strengthening our economy. Yet most call center jobs are not viewed by workers as a career. Rather they view it as a place of guaranteed worker mistreatment. A place where they play games with your schedule based on your ability to meet stats that you have very little control over. You think Human resources would sort this stuff out? However, they are too busy not advocating for the workers. To top it off in Quinte West & Belleville Ontario call centers are being used for drug dealers to hook up with new clients in their personal lives. Manufacturing jobs in Quinte West are also bad, they fail to retain workers due to poor working conditions, unclear job outlines & hectic day to day working life.  

What is the only way to sort this stuff out? It is time to unionize these workers & failing that it is time to escalate these corporate idiots to the province of Ontario where we can deal with the massive instability in working in Ontario’s economy. Also, something needs to be done where call centers cannot keep files on inactive employees, dismiss people for attendance & bully people into inadequate schedules based on performance. Work is not a performance game. It is an agreement between two parties to deliver a service. Yet call centers in Ontario to treat it like a mini-game for sucking up to the bosses. Shape up or ship out! 

Disability act 

By 2025 Ontario is supposed to be totally accessible to persons with disabilities. I can tell you from experience living in Quinte West that we are approaching the date fast & we still have much work to do. I can’t work 6 days a week, I can’t work over 8 hours a day & I can’t have my days off spread so far apart. I am autistic but it seems like every job I go to in Quinte West is designed to make me want to kill myself. This proves bad working conditions that we accept hopelessly because we are to assume companies can just go elsewhere. I have had over 20 mental health fits trying to work in what Quinte West considers acceptable working standards. It is time to make a change! 

The environment

The environment in Quinte West Ontario Canada.png

Tim Hortons & Nestle both need to be held responsible for how they treat Quinte West’s “Natural beauty”. Many of the Millenials think Tim Hortons is a stain on the Canadian identity & it needs to leave our lives for good! Not good for a once iconic symbol of Canadiana.  Now Nestle Pure life & Tim Hortons are becoming associated with garbage & becoming disgusting brands that choke out Canadians with pollution & waste. I would like to see Tim Hortons stick around, but not if it continues to create harmful plastic outputs the way in has in Quinte West. 

To conclude, working standards are unacceptable in Quinte West. I Ashton Deroy intend to dedicate myself to taking on the parts of our economy that do not work & advocating for the lowest income citizens. We need to continue to make life better for call center workers, manufacturers & improve the conditions in the environment. Or Quinte West is on a collision course with anarchy. So even if we have to babysit the current mayor or the new one, we should make sure our workers’ agenda is met in a swift meaningful way that improves life in Quinte West & trickles to Toronto as well. 

Tour the Bay of Quinte, Satire directed at City Government.

Bay of Quinte tourism.png

Ashton Deroy writes: Do you dream of smoking a ton of weed in a town with hillbilly traditionalists with lower than average education? Now you can, come to Quinte West. 

Touring Quinte West is an experience. Let me outline this experience in 3 points. 

  • Canadians struggling to work in an abusive economy – They work full time in Call centers & or manufacturing. Yet the workers still struggle to get ahead in the economy with poor government structure.  
  • Fentynal & drugs on the streets – Yes these other dangerous drugs are on the street of Quinte West. You think the police force would have a handle on it? Sadly, no they do not. In fact to touch on the above point. Many drug dealers go to factories & call centers to build their client lists. Why do they do this? The assumption I have heard is this is where the most mental illness exists in Quinte West. 
  • Traditionalists with out of control mouths – Time to shut up these over-privileged morons at St. Peter’s Catholic church. They’ve been known to speak up against LGBT rights, Refugees & women’s rights. Shout out to my aunt Nicole & Grandma Mary, who never got a clue after all of this time. Oh well, they aren’t my problem anymore. A special message to the above family, “I love you guys so much, I know there is just the most special place for you guys in all of my nightmares.” 

With all this in mind, if you hang out with the right Socially conscious Liberals in Quinte West you should do just fine. I only mention this all because it is time to vote for Duncan Armstrong. The message this will send is the incumbent mayor’s priorities are out of order. In an article on Quinte News, Jim Harrison talks about wanting to continue to beautify Quinte West… How about helping the poor? You moronic rich ogre! \

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