To: seniors on a fixed income in Quinte West. I am Voting Duncan Armstrong to support you.

Ashton Deroy Writes: I have changed my tone about Jim Harrison. If you want to vote for him you are more than welcome to do so without receiving any criticism from me. Just know if you are a senior on a fixed income you have not dug deep enough to understand the type of mayor we are in for. I welcome you to go to his website & dig deeper. 

Re-Elect Jim Harrison.png

I even gave Jim Harrison a free back link to my website, so you know my support is genuine. Why would I do that at this stage? The truth is Jim Harrison greatly benefits a Marketing student with a digital advertising specialization. What, how could that be? 

Grandma & I almost went head to head over this. Until I realized, I was voting for the best candidate for her interests. She was voting for the candidate who had my best interests. How can I prove it? Let me pull out some actual campaign promises by Jim Harrison. 

Promises Jim Harrison is making on his website below: 

  • Expand the Broadband internet to all regions.
  • Continue to attract good paying jobs and business investment.
  • Continue our good rapport with our military and support the military resource centre recognizing the economic impact the military has on our city.
  • Continue our affordable housing strategy.
  • Represent and address the urban and rural issues of our city.
  • Continue with the vibrant Transportation Master Plan – Bike Lanes and Wider Roads (for Bikes and Farm Equipment) – Sounds good to me Jim Harrison. Here is the problem for elderly with fixed incomes though. Jim Harrison is using a concept for expansionary economics to make Quinte West a place for work, play & life. Not the seniors community it once was. That is just a fact of life. Harrison isn’t a traditionalist, he is actually quite modern! The problem is what happens when the economy is boosted? The economy picks up the pace & it makes it harder for seniors to afford essential services & products. 

Duncan Armstrong for mayor.png

Here are some of Duncan Armstrong’s promises which seem to better benefit seniors: 

Housing & TMH

A pursuit towards affordable housing instead of a total focus on expansionary economics ensures we can sustain living for seniors on fixed incomes. The Harrison economic plan actually continues to make Quinte West a challenging place to afford to live. So although I am still voting Duncan Armstrong, it would seem he is the mayor who would best fit a seniors’ vote. Either way I can’t be mad at anyone for how they vote. 

Strategic voting for seniors – Vote Duncan Armstrong for policies that best suit you. 

Strategic voting for working class – Vote Jim Harrison for a place that helps turn Quinte West into a working class economy from a seniors’ economy. 

On poll day I personally am voting Duncan Armstrong. If you do vote Jim Harrison, thank you very much because even  my Grandma voting is helping me a lot with who she chooses. I am actually in a hospitality & tourism program at Career Edge in Trenton Ontario. Meaning the industry Jim Harrison has expanded so much, could give me personal gains in 2019.


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